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Content That Connects - Brand Info, Authorship, and Social Media was created to help locals, visitors, buyers, and sellers.

You can discover, locate, describe, buy, sell, promote, and share interesting things in and around Thailand.

People, and the search engines they use, look for Expertise, Authority, and Trust (E-A-T). The Community Network is designed to make it easier for small businesses & organizations to establish their brand and attract and interact with potential and existing customers and partners.

There are many different ways people find and process information. For busy managers keeping marketing tasks organized can be difficult. Producing content and engaging with people across all the information channels potential and existing customers use is nearly impossible for small businesses with limited budgets.

Find It HereCommunity Network Web Publishing lets you to get more results with the same work you're already doing. 

Many different tools and resources are available to members to create and syndicate content, engage with people, organize and automate tasks... all while building E-A-T reputation. Get more mentions, more views and tell people and search engines what you, your brand, and your offers are about.

We invite you to explore how to get more by doing less.

Thailand Community Network Amazing Thai Districts

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Local and Regional Businesses, Community Organizations, Landmarks & Attractions, Restaurants, Markets, Vendors, Suppliers, Accommodations, Government Info, Transportation, and More

The Community Network brings together all the different ways B2C & B2B businesses and organizations communicate with existing and potential customers. In one convenient place.

Find It HerePeople can find the info they care about and use the channels they prefer. Quickly and easily.

For marketers that rely on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, etc. using the network will get more results from the work you're already doing.

Google Friendly Marketing strategy means content creators get recognized for their expertise. The network is a good way to connect existing websites to a broader range of potential customers and strengthen authority - with both people and search engines.

Open philosophy encourages like-minded agencies & contractors to use the network.

Make the Job Easier, So You Can Do More !

Small Business MarketingAsk yourself this question: If you're doing marketing, doesn't it seem like a good idea to connect your business and brand info with all your content and customer engagement on social media and your website(s)/blogs? So that the work done one place benefits other channels.

Because we use publicly available resources and tap into major social media and other content platforms we can minimize the effort it takes to market to a larger audience. All it takes is a little bit of participation setting things up - then some reasonable follow-ups to keep things updated and active.

If you want to be associated with all the things going on in your district, this is the place to start.

Balance Your Time, Money, and Effort offers marketers the resources they need to do small tasks, or big projects. Do one small thing, or build your business around the platform.

The Right StuffThe right technology and strategies get more results with less effort. Co-operative marketing makes things easier and more affordable.

Crowd marketing is proven to be successful - especially for brand SEO, social media, content marketing, and engagement with existing & potential customers (aka relationship marketing).

Shared resources reduce costs. Shared interests and marketplace alignment boost authority.

Membership options are flexible enough to handle marketing for a one person operation or whole cities.

SpicyPress Web Publishing

Website Hosting

SpicyPress Web Publishing Community is part of SpicyPress Web Publishing and owned by SpicyPress LLC, a US corporation with Thai ownership.  

This means we're on a mission to help small businesses and organizations compete against larger competitors and attract customers. Give people and search engines what they're looking for... join the Community.

What is SpicyPress? Read more about How Ideas Get Published


  • Do-it-Yourself DIY   
  • Done-For-You DFY   
  • Do-It-For-Others DFO 

Membership (become an insider)

Network Participation Begins with Memberships

  • Start By Creating Your Free Account
    (please use email that you use for business, gmail recommended);
  • Add Profile & Cover Images;
  • Your Bio Description, Location;
  • Links to Your Social Media Profiles;
  • Contact Info (privacy options, phone, email).

Upgrade from Basic to Featured Member, then

  • Add Links to Web2.0 / Website;
  • Links to Reviews (Google, Facebook, Tripadvisor, Yelp, AirBnB);
  • Links to Google My Business;
  • Post Quick Content/Stories.

Featured Member access includes:

  • Event Listings;
  • Job Listings;
  • Service Discounts.

VIP Concierge Membership, invite only:

  • Done For You (DFY) pampering

Directory Listings (get found)

Dynamic Citations are Much More than an Online Business Card

  • Members Can Access Upgrade to Listing Account
  • Login then Visit & Create a Listing Account on the Directory
  • There are different Listing Levels and Features

Basic Listing Level Includes;

  • Add Your Social Media;
  • Web2.0 / Website; and
  • Google My Business Links;
  • Post Quick Content/Stories

Featured Member access includes:

  • Event Listings;
  • Job Listings;
  • Service Discounts

VIP Concierge Membership, invite only:

  • Done For You (DFY) pampering

Authorship (boost your E-A-T)

Valuable Original Content Associated with Profile and Network

  • Members Can Upgrade to Author Status
  • Member Submitted Content is a Great Way to Prove Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness

Author Status is For Members That Don't Want a Fulltime Blog. It Includes:

  • Full Featured Wordpress Content Editor;
  • Profile Activity Feed;
  • Shared Feed Syndication & Promotion;
  • Co-Citation & Co-Occurance Benefits.

Flexible Pricing Plans

  • Single (1) Post;
  • Four (4) Posts per Month Subscription;
  • Twelve (12) Posts per Month Subscription;

Websites, Blogs, Landing Pages, & Online Shops (do it all)

  • Members Can Rent Hosted & Managed Websites.
  • Login then Upgrade
  • Non-Proprietary: It's Your Content
  • There are Different Levels and Features

Basic Sites Includes;

  • Pre-made starter templates and common pages;
  • Optimized for Mobile Search. Speed, and SEO
  • Built-in Relevancy and Authority
  • Wide selection of premium themes, page builders, and plugins from top developers at no additional cost to use on site. Amazing Thai Districts

Locally Owned and Operated is family owned and managed by local people to help businesses and organizations connect with customers.

Members Gain Authority and Trust by Sharing Expertise

Small Business MarketingThe Community Network is based upon an idea of cooperative marketing where small operators can work together to compete against large corporations and conglomerates.

The network follows best-practice Open Source, GPL/GNU, Wordpress, Google/Bing, Privacy, and Security.

Note about Privacy: this site is designed to make information available to Google and Bing. We promote Authorship, not Anonymity.

We work to establish Identity in order to build Authority and Trust across multiple channels and platforms you are already using and that people and search engines care about.

Find It HereRegulations, Guidelines, Copyright, and Reputations are also taken very seriously.

We do not tolerate bad actors; please read our Terms of Use.

Brand SEO

Fresh trending topics with data relationships connected to brand identity, location, and relevant content are used by search algorithms to calculate search results.

When you add user engagement, from interested people - increased authority soon follows.

Google Friendly MarketingThink Authorship, not Anonymous.

Read more about Google friendly marketing.

We display feeds from Social Media; Reviews (Google, FB, TA, AirBnB, & Yelp); and other Websites/Web2.0.  This info, together with the brand/creator's profile, is connected to location citations, and E-A-T content. Original content is also syndicated out to similar social media and other sites. Member sites can also sync to GMB Google My Business maps and pages.

The more people and search engines know about the people behind offers, the more likely they are to accept and recommend them.


Eric Schmidt, Google CEO

The Google Search Algorithm (RankBrain) considers content creators when calculating search results. Looking at analytics data, we know Google frequently crawls and indexes activity and profile info.

We encourage members to participate and make sure their profile is complete. We try to keep things interesting through "Best of MTo" contests, polls, and surveys. On top of all other benefits, a generous referral rewards program definitely makes if worthwhile to be an active member.

SpicyPress Web Publishing

We're Part of SpicyPress

We're Not Hiring, But We Are Recruiting

Barter and Trade Welcome, Too

3rd Party Contractors/Freelancers/Agencies are Invited to Use the Network

Local Businesses & Organizations are Encouraged to Tell Their Friends, Family, and Peers about Cooperative Digital Marketing and the Power of the Crowd

Small businesses can take on the big companies using the same strategies and tactics, but do it better.

Generous Referral Rewards is another good reason to Sign Up. Amazing Thai Districts Web Publishing Community Network

Authority = Content + Activity + Identity



[topic2] Membership

Valuable member profiles connect Activity and Content to your Social Media, Citations, and Websites. This is where Authority comes together.

Membership is Free and premium upgrades provide access to an impressive array of effective [topic2] & [topic4] marketing tools.

Signup here: Register

News and Stories Articles

[topic2] News

Members tell their stories. This includes submitted "solution" content including [topic2], [topic5] news, tips and advice articles, and updates. Offer an explanation or answer to questions, and point to other content or media as a reliable solution.

Great approach for established and emerging brands and content creators. [note this is about building authorship credibility, it's not an anonymous spammy PBN, irrelevant content will be removed].

See interesting and useful [topic2] Articles and Videos

Directory Listings

[topic2] Directory

Business citations with a difference. Listings are packed with detailed information about brands, influencers, companies, and organizations.

Dynamic updated feeds from social media & other content sources keep Google coming back to see what's new.

Much more than just an online business card.

[topic2] Products and Services Directory

Job Board

[topic2] Job Board

A great way to gain trust and authority, and to generate engagement. In-house, outsourced, permanent, or temporary. Fulfill your [topic2] staffing requirements, or land that next career move or shorterm gig.

Post or apply for jobs. [topic2] Job Board

Events Calendar

[topic2] Events

Read or post upcoming events including webinars. Google loves to index events and follows links.

Very good for building trust, authority, and expertise while making more people aware of what's going on with your [topic2] or [topic4] organization and industry.

Explore or post [topic2], [topic5] Events

Website Hosting

[topic2] Website Hosting

Full-featured websites for emerging brands and industry bloggers. Ideal for content and relationship marketing. Shared resources reduce costs while having access to a massive variety of proven tools.

Wordpress, templates, and page builders make things quick, easy, and exportable. Create targeted lead generation landing pages and/or supercharge your blogging.

Managed hosting with unmatched value with built-in SEO and access to high-quality collection of premium themes and plugins.

Find out more details about [topic2] Marketing Websites

SpicyPress Hosted Websites[topic2] Managed Website Hosting

Products & Services Marketplace

[topic2] Marketplace

Don't miss-out on latest deals.

Products Shop

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[topic2] Partners

Small businesses will thank you for helping them take advantage of to attract and keep customers.

Generous referral rewards earn affiliate income. Members can earn rewards while they help their peers.

We encourage participation by influencers and 3rd-party independent freelancers and agencies. 

Read more about [topic1] Partners

Community Network

A resource for local people. businesses, organizations, and visitors.


The network helps people to know more about local sources of supply. It also works to promote individual districts as a destination for provincial attractions.


Members are encouraged to help others in the community. Cross promoting by mentioning and linking to profiles and listings, social sharing, and other activities.


Shared resources reduce costs and cooperative digital marketing makes everything more effective.


Referral rewards add even more incentives for participation. Membership is free, and then upgrade for more options.



Have You Heard About the First Penguin Theory?

Penguin Theory

Guinea Pig, Canary in the Mine, or First Penguin?

Marketing Opportunities

Caution is a Good Thing

When new opportunities show up, few people like being the first penguin to test the water and find out if predators are lurking.

The Market Waits for No One

Marketing Initiative

Fortune Favors the Bold

Waiting around to see what happens is also bad for business.
Someone sneaks up from behind you, or the ice melts under your feet.

Early Bird = First Penguin

"First to Market" is often cited as a factor of success.

Of course it requires doing things well and with purpose.

That first penguin might need a push from you to get started

(or maybe just a referral)

Don't let the ice melt under your feet - take action.

At a minimum, join the network and complete your profile, and then sign-up for referral rewards program.
Then you might want a subscription to add your business listing on the SpicyPress vendor index (we funnel prospective customers to this directory).
Up your game and register as an Agency, Digital Nomad, or Freelancer - which will get you personal project support assistance setting up and promoting your business, finding clients, closing deals, and delivering on tasks & projects.
Start telling people about the network - earn commissions for websites, directory listings, and premium memberships. Provide value added services to maximize the potential of these resources. is part of
SpicyPress Web Publishing Networks

SpicyPress Web Publishing

"How Ideas Get Published"

Content Marketing That Connects

Content MarketingDisclaimer: SpicyPress and isn't magic. You can't just click a button and all your troubles are solved. It is a collection of dozens of hosted tools that work with your social media, websites, and other accounts including Google and Bing.

Support and documentation is provided, however there isn't really a step-by-step explanation; it all depends upon your goals and skillset.

Building authority starts by creating a free membership profile then use tools & resources that fit your business model. Help is available.

Figuring Out Your Options Can Be Like Drinking From A Firehose

What to Do & How to Do It: Because there are simply too many choices, it's worth taking some time and writing out details about your goals; starting with your target audience(s) and what's the best way to communicate with them and manage the "flow to order".

Cooperative Digital MarketingPlease Contact Us for advice and recommendations. We'll help find ways to balance the Time, Money, and Effort it takes to become more successful online.

SpicyPress Web Publishing Networks

How Ideas Get Published

Web Publishing Networks

Web Publishing

Because people and search engines are looking for E-A-T - Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness - the network is designed to showcase small businesses and organizations to help explain what they're about and what they offer.

It brings together social & web2.0 profiles & content and connects it to relevant, helpful additional information - and most importantly, verifiable brand identity.

Brand SEO is important for even the smallest of operators. A "one man show" should be thinking "brand". is part of Networks and adheres to a philosophy of open source best practices.

AttentionThis is where people in the community can benefit from working together to get more results, reduce costs, and make everything easier. The Web Publishing Community Network takes what people are already doing for marketing and makes it easier and more effective.

Current Updated Tools & Best Practice Strategies

SpicyPress Web Publishing Community NetworksUsing primarily GPL licensed resources, the network aggregates content and profiles from social media and other websites to make it easier for people and search engines to understand what's available. The network also syndicates related content out to a variety of new and different audiences. Both search engines and interested people can find and understand more about Brands and their Offers.

Use The Power of the Crowd

Local Search Checklist

Content That Connects

People Want Reliable Information